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When you engage the Noblis Bioinformatics team, you work with experts who are passionate about their art. Our multidisciplinary scientists and software specialists find essential answers and deploy innovative systems that propel your program forward.

Noblis provides bioinformatics support in three ways: consultants, deployed systems and service.


Our experts solve your complex problems by combining subject matter expertise with skilled application of existing algorithms, new algorithms and multi-domain data sets. Noblis has the supercomputing infrastructure to store and process very large data sets across several platforms. Our consultants “find an answer,” perform assessments (sometimes as an objective third party) or develop algorithms that become part of a client’s in-house workflow.

Deployed Systems

Noblis deploys customized bioinformatics systems optimized for high demand analytics or routine analytics that are fit into existing data processing pipelines. The hardware is scaled to the need, from commodity to specialized, high-throughput hardware (e.g., the IBM Power8). The software can be command-line driven or use graphical user interfaces to make data processing self-explanatory and highly efficient. While we love the scalability of a cloud infrastructure, the size or the classified or sensitive nature of your data may mean that a local system would offer the best solution.


At Noblis, bioinformatics as a service is used to process data along pre-defined pipelines with specialized tools. This service is often used with consultant support at the beginning to develop specialized analytics and pipelines that are used throughout the service period.


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Noblis has several offices across the nation. Our main office is located just outside of Washington, DC.


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