Data Hygiene and Privacy

Data Hygiene and Privacy

Bioinformatics is built on the abundance of whole genome sequencing data and the tools and processes to manipulate, analyze, and draw conclusions based on the data. As such, there is always a need to ensure that the data is properly cleaned, verified, and that the requisite privacy and security is provided.

Government - Industry Separation

The United States Government and private industries have different priorities and requirements for data collection, curation, storage, and analysis. There are times when data must transfer from the public to the private sphere or vice versa. Understanding the concerns of both sectors and helping each to trust and share data can be complex and time consuming.

As a nonprofit, Noblis works with entities from both the public and private sectors on sharing and analyzing data:

Data Management and Security

Noblis has a rich history of developing and deploying systems to help manage biological data, whether it be whole genome sequencing, phylogenetic assay results, or microbial classification data. The ability to store, access, and programmatically correlate data is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. Each organization has different needs and requirements for storage, data quality, and data integrity.

Noblis has worked closely with organizations to build systems that fit their current and future needs, including defining storage solutions, user interfaces, and setting up data transfer and data quality control solutions.

Security and Privacy

We understand that your data is important to you and that it may contain sensitive or private information. We provide all our customers with storage solutions based on our customer’s classification of the data: