Big Data & High Performance Computing

Noblis offers exciting high performance computing and analytics capabilities, with the help of our Cray XMT2 supercomputer and experts specializing in custom algorithms
A World-Class Center for High Performance Computing

The Center for Applied High Performance Computing (CAHPC) is dedicated to using high performance computing (HPC) to accelerate the development and commercialization of applications requiring graph analytics. CAHPC is home to one of our nation’s most powerful computers, a next-generation Cray XMT2 supercomputer.

The CAHPC’s Cray XMT2 supercomputing system is a scalable massively multithreaded platform with a shared memory architecture that is optimized for large-scale data analysis and data mining. The system is designed to handle parallel applications that are dynamically changing, require random access to shared memory, and typically do not run well on conventional systems. The XMT2 offers a level of computing power that is rarely found outside of federal laboratories and academic settings. It excels at tasks such as pattern matching, scenario development, behavioral prediction, anomaly identification, and graph analysis. 

Reducing Barriers to Technology Through High Performance Computing

The mission of the CAHPC is to move HPC out of the lab and into the field to solve real problems in novel ways. And in order to help accelerate the development of HPC applications, the Center will make this technology accessible to researchers and small businesses.

Sample CAHPC Projects
Sample CAHPC Projects

The CAHPC will help Noblis customers solve big data problems in areas such as:

  • Resilient systems

  • Molecular science

  • Biometrics forensic analysis

  • Cyber security analysis

  • Inference-based systems

  • Discrete event simulation

  • Business intelligence

  • Power grid analysis

  • Video rendering

  • Persistent surveillance

Transforming the Enterprise with Big Data Solutions

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Noblis Experts

Victor Pollara

Victor’s expertise includes semantic technology, information extraction and modeling, algorithm design, and high-performance computing.
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Sterling Thomas

As an informaticist, Sterling analyzes large, diverse data-sets to extrapolate valuable results for many clients.
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Noblis-developed whole genome analysis tool

BioVelocity is performing DNA analysis at rates 50 times faster than industry standard. 
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