Noblis Innovation & Collaboration Center (NICC)

A unique center that fosters collaboration, enables creativity, and inspires innovation

A Center for Innovating, Collaborating, and Showcasing New Ideas

The Noblis Innovation & Collaboration Center (NICC), located in Noblis headquarters in Reston, Virginia, is more than just a physical space. It is where complex problems are explored from every angle to create practical, forward-thinking, sustainable solutions. It's a place where ideas abound and thinking is energized. And it's where the tools that help us achieve the best outcomes are at our fingertips, including advanced visualizations and simulations that lead to breakthrough realizations. It’s where we work collaboratively with our clients.

The NICC is dedicated to discovering new solutions, total sharing, and collaboration. It’s an environment where clients can meet, collaborate, and share and create ideas and knowledge. We use the NICC to prototype, analyze, model and simulate, and showcase results and new ideas. And to bring it all together, we use computing services, analysis tools, and development environments through a science and technology cloud.

Space to Innovate

The NICC’s 15,000 square feet contains laboratory spaces, technology workstations, and collaborative work areas where we work on projects and discuss new ideas. Clients visit the NICC to see prototypes and visualizations of the work being done on their behalf. They also use the NICC to participate in hands-on experimentation with new system designs and simulation tools.

The NICC’s Capabilities and Service Offerings

We offer a suite of services and tools, a science and technology cloud, and state-of-the-art collaboration capabilities. These building blocks of innovation allow us to create enduring impacts on our clients' missions

Our services include software development, visualization, analytics, mobile systems, facilitation, and program management. Our tools include development environments; visualization and GIS; analysis, modeling, and simulation; and common data. The type of work we are doing in the NICC today includes big data analytics, telecommunications networking, cyber security, biometrics, and climate change research.

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