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Overcrowding is a modern-day fact of life. Every day we see more cars on the road and commuting times are steadily getting longer. The problems on the ground are mirrored in our skies. Record numbers of aircraft are trying to get to their destinations, leading to lengthier airport delays that frustrate travelers and reduce revenue for businesses. Not only are travel delays bad for the economy, but idling automobiles and jet airliners are harmful to our environment.

Noblis professionals are working with federal agencies to address our overburdened transportation systems. We are using advanced technology, innovative research, systems engineering, and program management to help the transportation community improve the safety and reliability of surface and air transportation while reducing their impact on the environment. Our work is helping to ease congestion, make mass transit systems more efficient, improve critical elements of the aviation infrastructure, and protect drivers from weather and road hazards.

Modernizing Our Nation's Airspace

By combining enterprise systems engineering, information technology, and program management with innovative ideas, objectivity and passion, we are helping to develop next generation standards for our airways. We are:

  • developing solutions to help the federal government find ways to better utilize our national airspace system and reduce flight delays

  • working to improve the digital exchange of information between planes and ground controllers

  • using modeling and simulation to help aviation officials make better decisions at every point in the lifecycle

Increasing the Safety and Reliability of Roadway Travel

From policy analysis, systems engineering, and simulation and modeling to economic and financial analysis, and program and acquisition management, Noblis is helping the surface transportation community make infrastructure choices that will provide long-term economic benefits and lead to new efficiencies. We are:

  • creating solutions to reduce congestion on our roadways and help traveler reach their destinations more quickly and safely

  • pioneering new technologies to protect travelers from bad weather and road hazards

  • exploring the potential of using wirelessly connected vehicles to reduce congestion and improve traffic safety

By partnering with government agencies, automakers, and aviation officials, Noblis is helping to develop integrated systems and technologies that will carry us into the next generation of travel and transportation.

Shaping the Vision of a Better National Air Transportation System

Developing integrated systems and technologies for the future of air travel

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Improving Road Transportation Systems

Expoloring the potential of wireless intelligent transportation technologies

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Noblis Leadership

Mile Corrigan Photo

Mile Corrigan

Mile is the Transportation Systems Director and Enterprise Communications Support Services (ECSS) Program Manager.
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Noblis Experts

Karl Wunderlich

Karl is an expert in transportation analysis, traffic simulation, traveler information, and travel reliability.
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Meenakshy Vasudevan

Meenakshy uses simulation and modeling techniques to evaluate emerging technologies and policies that improve our nation's transportation systems.
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