Health Innovation


Health Innovation

Working across boundaries to transform healthcare

Healthcare reform, new legislation, and intense political debate are changing the way America views healthcare. When coupled with our maturing population, aging medical facilities, and an outdated way of coding medical procedures, it is clear that there is a vital need for new technologies and processes that will modernize and transform our nation’s healthcare system. 

Noblis is helping healthcare organizations respond to these diverse needs by developing strategies that are innovative, yet practical and achievable. We partner with the federal government and private health organizations to create new perspectives, models, policies, and processes. Whether we are working towards developing better standards of care, helping organizations transition to ICD-10, designing world-class medical facilities, or helping our customers plan for the future, our work is contributing to their success by improving their financial, clinical, and operational efficiency.

By combining strategy and technology with innovative, forward-thinking approaches, Noblis is helping clients improve healthcare quality, increase access to care, and reduce costs. Our work is helping clients meet their missions today and positioning them to handle the healthcare challenges of tomorrow.

Noblis is enhancing our nation’s healthcare transformation by:

  • developing world-class medical facilities

  • giving clients the tools they need to make smarter capital investment strategies

  • guiding organizations through their transition and adoption of ICD-10

  • helping organizations make the right health IT investments

  • helping government agencies define the policies, procedures, and methodologies that will guide us into the next generation of healthcare

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Noblis Experts

Liz Avila

Liz is a senior manager delivering business transformation and change management expertise.
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Joan Senio

Joan is a shared services and facilities subject matter expert.
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