Celebrating 20 Years: Thank you to our clients, employees, and partners

Noblis Celebrates 20 Years of Excellence and Innovation

Noblis’ focused science and technology expertise helps federal clients innovate and transform complex systems

In 1996, Noblis (formerly Mitretek Systems) was born with a mission to be more agile and responsive to the changing landscape of government contracting. Dr. Lydia Waters Thomas, then President and CEO and now Noblis Trustee, and Mark Simione, Noblis Chief Financial Officer and Trustee, helped us navigate unfamiliar waters as we worked to establish Noblis as a viable company. In 2007, Amr ElSawy assumed the helm as President and CEO and took additional steps to strengthen the Noblis business model and brand. Amr also took us into new territory—highlighting the value Noblis could bring to our clients through high-performance computing and data analytics.

Over the years, Noblis expanded its industry footprint through the acquisition of Noblis ESI (in 2012) and Noblis NSP (in 2014); Noblis has grown from nearly 500 employees at its founding to over 1,000 employees today. With the addition of these companies, we broadened our expertise in national security and intelligence. Collectively, the Noblis family offers an integrated set of capabilities and an impressive suite of experts who collaborate to bring the best solutions to critical client challenges.

Historically, 20 years constitutes a generation, and Noblis eagerly anticipates the challenges of this new generation. Our work in the early years was cutting edge for its time, but progress never stands still. While we once helped demilitarize chemical weapons, now we’re helping track down cyber criminals. In 1996, we were advising defense and military clients on how to clean up toxins around facilities; now we’re showing them ways to create sustainable infrastructures that are energy-efficient and environmentally sound for the future. In the early days, we worked with clients to implement enterprise-wide infrastructure for landlines (remember those?); now we’re helping them get up to speed on cloud computing and mobile devices. Early support for our transportation clients involved highway policy research, but that has expanded to digital air traffic management communications and connected vehicle technology. 

Our legacy is robust with meaningful contributions to our clients, our nation, and its citizens. Noblis has been instrumental in the success of many government advances in the areas of healthcare, transportation, national security and intelligence, enterprise engineering, and environmental sustainability. As we enter this next generation, Noblis is providing innovative and practical solutions for tomorrow’s threats while staying true to our public interest focus: maintaining the safety and security of our citizens and our global neighbors “for the best of reasons.”

We would like to thank our clients—both past and present—for choosing Noblis to support their critical missions and for giving us the opportunity to help them achieve great things for our nation and its citizens. We look forward to 20 more years of serving the public interest through innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

Historically, 20 years constitutes a generation, and Noblis eagerly anticipates the challenges of this new generation.

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