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Achieving Acquisition Success

In this series, we will hear from Noblis acquisition experts as they explore four main themes Noblis uses to help our clients achieve success

Preparing for a complex acquisition can be a daunting task for any government contracting officer (CO). From navigating the complexities of the Federal Acquisition Regulation, to keeping up with the latest technology trends, the CO’s tasks can seemingly be unachievable. 

In this series, we hear from Noblis acquisition experts as they explore four main themes we use to help our clients achieve success. Starting with the strategy and planning phase, you’ll learn how important it is to have a clearly defined source selection strategy—this will serve as the “playbook” to keep the process on time and within budget. Next, it is equally important during the solicitation development phase to correctly define the contract requirements the first time—vendors cannot give the government what it needs unless the government can describe it well. When it is time to move into the source selection phase, choosing the right evaluation team can be the difference between success and failure. Our final theme explores the implementation of effective tools to help avoid delays brought on by evaluation inefficiencies which ultimately could lead to that dreaded “p” word—protests.

For over 30 years, Noblis has been helping government COs achieve success in their acquisition programs. We do this by being in a unique position—being absent of stakeholders or pre-determined solutions—allowing us to provide our government clients with the very best unbiased acquisition expertise. Ninety-nine percent of our acquisitions have completed without a successful protest, and we have helped our clients to the tune of over $350 billion in acquisition value.   

All four parts of the series can be found at the links below or get a PDF copy here.
Noblis Expert

Bill Morris

Bill is the leader of the Noblis Acquisition Tools Center of Excellence.
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Bill Morris talks about the phases involved in building a successful acquisition lifecycle.
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