Noblis Staff Featured In USDOT Webinar on Results of the Study of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Implementation

"Accelerating ITS Implementation – Applying Past Experience to Achieve Future Success"

On Wednesday, May 8 the U.S. Department of Transportation's (USDOT) ITS Joint Program Office, Research and Innovative Technology Administration (RITA) hosted a webinar on the results of the Study of ITS Implementation. The webinar, entitled “Accelerating ITS Implementation – Applying Past Experience to Achieve Future Success,  featured presentations by Vaishali Shah and Carolina Burnier of Noblis. The webinar was part of the ITS Professional Capacity Building program and served to inform the broader ITS community on key considerations by the ITS JPO for accelerating the deployment of ITS, and specifically the connected vehicle program.

The Study of ITS Implementation was commissioned by the ITS JPO to advance its efforts to transfer ITS technology from research to practice, and to accelerate the rate of ITS technology adoption. The study, recently completed by Noblis on behalf of the ITS JPO, included comprehensive interviews with decision-makers within the public-sector, trucking, and auto manufacturer organizations. The study also determined whether continued ITS operation or system expansion produced measurable outcomes based on transportation data archives maintained at four distinct ITS implementations.

During the webinar, Ms. Shah and Ms. Burnier highlighted key study results, discussed implications for accelerating implementation of the next generation of ITS, shared compelling ITS stories gathered during  interviews, and solicited feedback from the participants on key themes to inform ITS JPO strategies for accelerating ITS implementation. Complementing the Noblis presenters were a panel of industry experts that voiced trucking and automotive perspectives as well as the value of quality transportation data archives. The collective findings from this study have prompted actions by RITA such as the development of public sector training curriculum on connected vehicle technologies, and will continue to inform a number of near-term decisions facing the ITS JPO.

James Pol of the USDOT’s ITS Evaluation Program hosted the webinar. More information about this and other Talking Technology and Transportation (T3) Webinars can be found here

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