Agile-UX and Rapid Prototyping

Leveraging the Power of Rapid-Prototyping & Agile Methodologies

Applying Agile and User Experience design principles can get you reliable plans faster than you'd imagine

Noblis' approach to solving tough problems pulls together efficient tools traditionally used primarily for software development. We apply the principles of rapid development (borrowed from the Agile Methodology) and early engagement with users (based on User Experience principles) to all types of projects, both external and internal. The payoff is the speed at which we get results and the enduring quality of solutions built with this approach.

In discussing complicated issues, words can be a barrier. Often an image makes it easier to communicate, exchange ideas, and articulate expectations. This is why early on in a project we pull together stakeholders and conceptualize images that represent major issues and objectives. By sketching in real time and collaborating in the initial phase, we are able to get everyone on the same page much more quickly than would be the case if we worked in isolation and then presented each interim work product for formal review and approval. We get feedback early when there is still time to incorporate it, and stakeholders ultimately see a result that lines up with their expectations. We reduce the risk of scope creep, expensive redirection, and missed opportunities. The powerful combination of an Agile mindset and User-Centric thinking ensures efficacious planning and solutions development, no matter the project type or constraints. 

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