How Climate and Extreme Weather Events Impact Water Sector

Final report available for a series of case studies co-sponsored by Noblis

Water utilities want to learn from their peers about how they are responding to and planning for extreme weather and climate events. To meet this need, a coalition of federal and non-governmental organizations, Noblis, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), U.S.  Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA), Water Environment Research Foundation (WERF), Water Research Foundation (WaterRF), and Concurrent Technologies Corporation (CTC), co-sponsored a series of workshops focusing on extreme events and water resources. 

The Water Resource Strategies and Information Needs in Response to Extreme Weather/Climate Events workshops examined six communities that have experienced extreme floods, storms, derechos, drought, sea level rise and storm surge, and unseasonable frost. Using case studies and lessons learned from extreme weather events in California, Georgia, Virginia, Texas, Missouri, and Washington, D.C., the series showed the importance of creating resilient infrastructures and presented utility managers with useful tools and data resources to deal with future extreme events. The goal of the series was to help policy makers and the research community better understand the plans and information needs of water utilities, and to open a dialogue among communities.

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Fact sheets on each of the case studies and the final report can be found at

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Bob Wassmann

Bob leads sustainability, critical infrastructure resilience, and greenhouse gas accounting efforts for Noblis’s support to major agencies.
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Dr. Marqusee is a nationally known expert in environmental science and technology.
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Scot has supported defense installations and facilities through technical, program, and project management.
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