Developing Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans for Government Agencies

Noblis is supporting the greening of federal government initiatives

U.S. government officials and industry executives are under pressure to reduce energy consumption in an effort to save money and preserve the environment. Executive Order (EO) 13514, Federal Leadership in Environmental, Energy and Economic Performance, requires that all federal agencies inventory their greenhouse gas emissions, set targets to reduce their emissions by 2020, and develop a plan for meeting a wide range of goals for improving sustainability. These goals cover a wide range of issues including water efficiency, waste reduction, sustainable community development planning, high performance buildings, sustainable acquisition, electronics stewardship, and environmental management.

Noblis is at the forefront of environmental planning and policy making.  We are working side by side with leaders from the Department of Defense (DoD), the Department of Energy (DoE), the General Services Administration (GSA), and other Federal agencies to find cost-effective, sustainable solutions that address climate change issues.

Creating a Comprehensive Strategic Sustainability Performance Plan for DoD

Noblis worked with the Office of the Secretary of Defense to develop the DoD Strategic Sustainability Performance Plans (SSPP).  Working with iterative feedback from the Pentagon personnel, our sustainability team helped craft a comprehensive and strategic plan that included eight goals and twenty-one performance-based subgoals. The subgoals embraced the full range of sustainability issues including GHG emissions, energy and water efficiency, renewable energy, vehicle fleets, solid waste management, toxic and hazardous materials, sustainable buildings, and employee travel and commuting. For each sub-goal, Noblis suggested a rigorous performance metric to track, report, and evaluate progress on the SSPP. 

In just six months, Noblis guided DoD from a blank slate to a completed document that had been thoroughly vetted within the department by more than 100 individual reviewers across all services and military components. The DoD’s SSPP was delivered to Office of Management and Budget as required by the EO and was accepted without changes.

Noblis has the experience, tools, and expertise to help federal agencies prepare their sustainability and implementation plans.  We understand the challenges agencies face when implementing their SSPPs and can help them establish a baseline, verify their policies and procedures, and monitor and track their progress against their goals. 

Dr. Jeffrey Marqusee responds to a White House Executive Order "Preparing the United States for The Impacts of Climate Change."

Noblis Experts

Jeffrey Marqusee

Dr. Marqusee is a nationally known expert in environmental science and technology.
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Bob Wassmann

Bob leads sustainability, critical infrastructure resilience, and greenhouse gas accounting efforts for Noblis’s support to major agencies.
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