We Are Looking for JPEO-CBD Candidates

Noblis & ElanTech Systems are looking for experienced JPEO-CBD staff to join our team

Noblis' work is protecting our nation and our warfighters from CBRN threats.

Noblis and ElanTech Systems are hiring for a full-range of JPEO-CBD positions including jobs in the:
  • Acquisition domain
  • Medical domain
  • IT domain
  • Business and analytics domain

Positions are located in Washington, D.C.; Northern Virginia; Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD; and Ft. Detrick, MD.

About the Work

From policy and pathogens to prototypes and preparedness, Noblis is maximizing the success of our nation’s chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CRBN) medical defense mission. We are working with industry, academia, international, and intra-government partners to develop new processes, policies, tools, and technologies that will strengthen our national response to CBRN incidents and protect our warfighters.

By helping our clients develop advanced acquisition and procurement strategies and rapidly transform technologies into effective, suitable, and sustainable CBRN medical end items, we are ensuring that our warfighters and first responders have the right tools to respond to CBRN incidents.

Be a part of the Noblis Team as we deliver and sustain the most effective and affordable materiel solutions to address strategic priorities such as Transformational Medical Technologies, Advanced Development, Manufacturing for Medical Countermeasures, Bio-surveillance, Integrated Base Defense, Non-Traditional Agents, Radiological/Nuclear Defense, and Total Life Cycle Management for CBRN equipment.

Why Work at Noblis?

The Noblis team offers stability, security, and competitive benefits. Our people are our greatest asset. They’re exceptionally skilled, knowledgeable, team-oriented, mission-driven individuals who want to do great work and feel great about doing it. They’re thought leaders and subject matter experts who apply deep critical thinking and intellectual rigor to work that means something and benefits the public.

Apply Now

Apply Now

Noblis is a science, technology and strategy organization that helps clients solve complex scientific systems, process, and infrastructure problems in ways that benefit the public.

ElanTech Systems, a wholly owned subsidiary of Noblis, is a government prime contractor specializing in working directly with government acquisition program offices, assisting and advising in the technical aspects of studies, prototypes or acquisition efforts.

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