Noblis Director Melissa Zoepfl Speaks at Homeland Security & Defense Business Council Symposium

Symposium focused on security and cloud computing in the federal government

On February 19, Noblis director Melissa Zoepfl introduced the National Conversation, The Roadmap Going Forward, at the Homeland Security & Defense Business Council Symposium and National Conversation.

The event provided a forum for industry and government subject matter experts (SMEs) to engage in a dialogue to bring their diverse perspectives to the discussion around the security of cloud computing in the federal government. The program included two panel discussions that were open to SME professionals doing work in cloud security and a capstone National Conversation that was open to a broader audience of professionals interested in cloud security.

The first panel discussion, Mythbusting and Misconceptions: Understanding Current Perceptions and Debating the Realities Surrounding Cloud Security and its Implications to Cloud Economics, Efficiencies, and Adoption, examined the myths surrounding the cloud. Public and private sector experts discussed cloud security and its impact on cloud economics, efficiencies, and adoption.

In the second panel discussion, Current Cloud Security Practices and Future Cloud Use by the Federal Government, government and industry leaders talked about how they are currently deploying and securing cloud solutions. They also discussed how they plan on adopting and securing cloud technologies going forward. The speakers provided case studies and discussed best practices and lessons learned, including their key successes and challenges, the security threats they encountered during implementation, and the considerations that impacted their decision-making.

In the capstone session, introduced by Ms. Zoepfl, senior officials from industry and government identified some of the unresolved security issues and related concerns that need to be addressed in order for government leaders to trust and implement the cloud. They also discussed steps the industry must take to meet the government's cyber security needs.

Noblis hosted a reception after the forum so that participants could continue the conversation.

Melissa Zoepfl

Melissa is an expert in homeland and border security, decision analysis, and risk assessment.
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