Victor Pollara

Victor Pollara

Areas of Expertise:
Computer science, semantic technology, information extraction and modeling, algorithm design, high-performance computing

Victor applies his background in theoretical and practical computer science to a range of problems. His work ranges from the conceptual design of data architecture, to the development of prototype software to solve specific computational problems.

Noblis Projects:

  • Enterprise data architecture design for biological data for infectious disease research
  • Extending semantic wikis to provide a variety of services for a widely distributed set of biological data repositories
  • Developing semantic models to structure ‘big data’ sets for exploration and analysis on the Cray XMT2 graph supercomputer including: biomedical knowledge bases, cybersecurity, cryptocurrency, and Medicare claims
  • Prototyping the components for a semantic layer to virtually integrate and provide access to data from multiple government sources

Doctorate Degree, Theoretical Computer Science, T.U. Braunschweig
Master's Degree, Computer Science, Purdue
Master's Degree, Mathematics, Purdue
Master's Degree, Agronomy, Purdue
Bachelor's Degree, Biology, Rutgers 

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