What Sheena Has to Say

About Choosing Noblis

"Noblis offers great flexibility as well as opportunities to work with clients in leading the nation’s innovation efforts."

About Working Here

"Noblis employees have positive attitudes.  The organization helps to foster that characteristic by providing perks such as mid-week treats, golf tournaments, and opportunities to volunteer in the local community."

"I enjoy being able to make a valuable contribution to my project work. I’ve worked on projects with senior leaders and felt like I was making an impact because my ideas and work products were delivered to the client and used for further strategic planning efforts."

"I have become more knowledgeable about the healthcare care industry and how initiatives are implemented in order to make an impact for public interest."

"My proudest accomplishment is having received positive feedback after leading tasks on a high priority Military Health project."

"I hope to sustain a career in healthcare and be engaged in cutting edge work that makes an impact at the local, regional, and national level."

What Contributes to Sheena's Success as a Noblis Employee

"Working closely with team members at all levels has contributed to my success at Noblis."

How Sheena Applies Her Background Experiences to Her Work

"I previously worked as a healthcare administrator for a nonprofit hospital in a role managing healthcare operations inefficiencies.  Understanding the hospital environment and business operations helps me to provide recommendations and consumer considerations that I might not otherwise be considered as others and myself work as a project team to design a solution for operations improvement projects."

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