What Ronnie Has to Say

About Choosing Noblis

"I started at Noblis directly after graduating from college.  I was interested in the emergence of web-based technologies and applying them to the healthcare field.  I briefly left Noblis to pursue a career with a software consulting firm, but returned to Noblis because of the stability, work/life balance, commitment to continuing education, and the type of work they provided."

About Working Here

"During the two years I spent away from Noblis, I experienced being in an Agile environment. Upon returning to Noblis, I brought with me the experiences and lessons learned from those projects and applied them to programs I manage. It was interesting to see how the Noblis teams have embraced the methodologies over the years; it just goes to show that our people are open to new ideas and doing things in more effective, efficient ways."

"During my years as an early career professional, I was heavily focused on technology and gradually transitioned into a managerial role. I was fortunate enough to have numerous mentors and leaders help guide me through that transition which created many learning experiences that helped develop my growth. I think it is important to develop leaders organically and create a safe environment for them to make learnable mistakes."

What Contributes to Ronnie's Success as a Noblis Employee

"There are several instances that have contributed to my success. I was fortunate enough to have strong leaders as mentors. I was given the opportunity to be fully accountable for the success (or failure) of a capability within a department. Succeeding in those areas opened me up to more opportunities across the organization. I am also very fortunate to be part of a high-performing team. My success today is largely based on the members of that team succeeding, on us all working together to provide a good solution."

Ronnie's Proudest Moments

"Receiving the Noblis Board of Trustees Award. Nominees for this award are evaluated by the Board of Trustees to recognize significant work by a team of employees that is reflective of the Corporation’s values and goals to grow our impact on client missions, enable our people to grow and collaborate, grow and live the Noblis brand, and contribute to long-term corporate strength and viability. My team won the award because, even though we faced many challenges along the way, we worked together, persevered, and were able to deliver a positive outcome for the public interest."

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