What Matt Has to Say

About Choosing Noblis

"Noblis felt like a college campus—the kind of place where you could do work in an innovative, informal setting with plenty of experts available to help solve problems."

About Working Here

"When working in the Noblis Innovation and Collaboration Center (NICC), I feel like I am working for a start-up company.  We have small teams, co-location, free snacks, and plenty of sunlight.  It’s the kind of atmosphere that encourages idea exchange and leads to high performing teams who are always seeking opportunities to do things better."

"Noblis invests in its people through training, guest speakers, and managers who care about employee success.  Whether it is a PMP Boot Camp or listening to Dan Ariely speak on-site about human irrationality, I have had access to tremendous resources during my time here and anyone in the company (including the CEO) is willing to have lunch with you to share ideas."

" When I first started at Noblis, I was given opportunities to participate in a lot of different roles—ranging from project management to proposal writing to subject matter expert to people manager—and each new role gave me an opportunity to see different sides of the organization.  I now have a much more complete picture of Noblis as a whole and how all the pieces fit together."

What Contributes to Matt's Success as a Noblis Employee

"In the long-term future, I would like to become a Certified Scrum Coach to mentor Noblis and our federal customers in the implementation of Agile and Scrum to create high performing teams that deliver quality solutions quickly. Noblis has already supported me in this long-term goal through training and mentorship opportunities, and I have no doubts this will continue."

Matt's Proudest Moments

"I worked with some of my teammates to pitch an idea for a Noblis Sponsored Research (NSR) project to extend the capability of one of our General Services Administration tools to solve a difficult sustainable acquisition problem.  We were invited to present our solution to key stakeholders at the White House Council on Environmental Quality.  During the briefing, I enjoyed the thought that we were only one degree separated from presenting our solution directly to President Obama."

How Matt Applies His Education & Previous Experiences to His Work

"My educational background combines IT project management, business strategy, and peace and conflict studies. This odd blend fits particularly well with Agile project management which strives to deliver valuable software (business strategy) to our clients on-time and on-budget (IT project management) by executing a process that relies on a series of carefully facilitated human interactions (peace and conflict studies)."

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