What Madeline Has to Say

About Choosing Noblis

"I participated in the 2008 Noblis Intern Program and was fortunate enough to enter my senior year with a job offer. The program was structured and exposed me to the company’s work and culture. It was an easy decision to accept the offer and working full time was a natural extension to the impactful work I was doing as an intern."

About Working Here

"I appreciate the emphasis on professional development at Noblis, including in person and digital trainings as well as the Tuition Reimbursement Program. Not only does the reimbursement make it easier to go back and pursue a Master's degree, but my colleagues and supervisor encouraged me to apply and are very supportive.

I also love that we have a diverse workforce and portfolio. With so many different perspectives and expertise it is easy to collaborate and learn from my fellow colleagues. It’s also nice to know that I can apply my skillset to a number of different domains or projects across the company whether it is related to health or bioinformatics."

"Every project I've been a part of at Noblis has given me that 'warm and fuzzy' feeling; I believe the work I do here makes a real impact and is actually meaningful to real people around the country. I can go home at the end of the day and feel like I've done something important."

"Amr, the CEO, as well as the officers are extremely approachable and easy to talk to. Amr goes out of his way to make sure every single employee’s voice is heard. He knows everyone’s names, holds regular “Breakfasts with Amr” sessions, personally reads all suggestions submitted to the “Suggestion Box,” and even surprises employees by joining them at their lunch tables in the cafeteria. It sets the tone for a collaborative and open working environment."

What Contributes to Madeline's Success as a Noblis Employee

"My supervisor has always trusted me with a number of responsibilities and has set me up with opportunities to succeed. For example, trusting me with owning a specific process or scheduling me to present to the executive council. These types of opportunities have enabled me to succeed and really feel as if I'm growing as an employee."

How Madeline Applies Her Education to Her Work

"I'm actually currently pursuing my Masters of Information Technology Management from UVA. It's hard to balance school and work, but it's also surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) exciting. I think it's really fun to come back to work after having been at class and say, 'Oh, we were just discussing this exact topic in school; I know exactly what to do.' Seeing the real-world applications of the things I'm learning and being able to apply them to my everyday work is neat. I'm glad Noblis offers such a great tuitiion reimbursement program and encourages employees to extend their education; it's a really unique experience and I appreciate it."

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