What Hugo Has to Say

About Choosing Noblis

"I was looking forward to working somewhere where results counted, integrity mattered, and people didn’t elbow each other aside to get to the spotlight."

About Working Here

"It probably sounds trite, but for me, it’s our people and our culture that make Noblis special. I get to work with real people who I respect and who I can work with in an 'egoless' environment. Collaboration and teamwork are not empty words here. We focus relentlessly on results, but we also don’t let that stop us from laughing every day. And I like the fact that as a company, we still worry about doing the 'right work,' not just whatever work we can get. No 'shelfware' here!"

"I came in as an experienced individual contributor and leader, but I was immediately “thrown into the fire” on an unfamiliar project. Starting then and continuing until today, I was able to work with and learn from true experts who were always willing to share their insights and opinions, and to hear mine."

"At this point in my life, career advancement is not a priority for me. What matters to me is doing good work that makes a difference, and doing it with people I like. I want to 'finish strong' on my own contributions, but also to help others succeed. Noblis lets me do that!"

Hugo's Proudest Moments

"I was able to write a 'thought paper' for a client in 2001, and over 6 years build it into what became our largest single project, and a success for our customer (now saving the American taxpayer close to half a billion dollars per year). That project won the Noblis Trustees’ Award, our top corporate award, in 2007. I am particularly proud that more people got that recognition as part of my project team than for any other Trustees’ Award."

How Hugo Applies His Education & Experiences to His Work

"Since getting my master’s in systems engineering I have had four 'careers' spanning water resources, telecom R&D, systems integration, and now Noblis. My work at Noblis allows me to use the skills and knowledge developed over all four careers, either directly in my mission or to collaborate with other Noblis missions."

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