What Ann Has to Say

About Choosing Noblis

"I came to Noblis because of its public interest mission. The opportunity to continue working in a setting that combined technology and healthcare was very enticing."

About Working Here

"The variety of employees with remarkable educations, skills and interests are part of what makes Noblis a very special place to work."

"I’ve had the opportunity to participate on so many different projects – from hospital planning to telecommunications projects supporting hospital communications and I’ve become a manager and a project manager along the way."

"I want to continue to have an impact on improving healthcare of our nation. Noblis will help me reach that goal through its continued recognition that healthcare is a significant issue and Noblis has a role to play in a better healthcare system for us all."

"My proudest memory has got to be the launch and continued success of the RASMAS program. RASMAS is Noblis' recall management system, a subscription-based web application that aggregates, organizes, and publicizes product and drug recall information for healthcare departments at hospitals, doctors offices and other care organizations. It helps people stay safe."

What Contributes to Ann's Success as a Noblis Employee

"My success at Noblis is because I’ve been given many opportunities to try new and different things and I’ve taken them on. I’ve worn many, many hats and am always learning something new."

How Ann Applies Her Former Career to Her Work at Noblis

"My background as a nurse influences my work every day. Nursing, especially in a critical care setting, requires keen observation, prioritization and quick decision making. I apply those skills every day in project management, staffing management and my direct work."

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