What Allan Has to Say

About Choosing Noblis

"I interned here when I was still in college and loved it.  After receiving job offers from a few other places, I realized that they didn't offer the same amount of freedom and stimulating work as Noblis did."

About Working Here

"I love the ability to have a life and still work forty hours.  Being able to set your hours and telecommute is a really nice way to gain flexibility in your life."

"The environment here is amazing.  I worked at other places before and none of them provided such emphasis on collaboration.  The NICC is where I spend my entire day and it not only helps when getting together with my team but also allows me to focus more and get more out of an hour's worth of work than if I were stuck in a cubicle."

"I definitely gained a lot of experience in my own field, programming; more so than I did in my four years in college.  I also improved the way I collaborate and work with my team.  In addition to these, I also got a lot better at quantifying my work and knowing exactly how much I finished and how much I have to do."

What Contributes to Allan's Success as a Noblis Employee

"The very friendly people here who are always willing to help, and the ability to take up work that you want to do, as opposed to have to 'suffer through' something you're not excited about."

Allan's Proudest Moments

"Meeting the very important and seemingly all too early release dates of my team's deliverables."

How Allan Applies His Education to His Work

"I take a lot of what I learned in my major and use it in my everyday work when dealing with computers.  I also found myself in group projects a lot when in college so that definitely helps when I work my team on a daily bases."

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